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Jacqui Süssholz

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Jacqui Süssholz
Yiddish Is Forever
Origin: USA

Jacqui Sussholz sings with such feeling, he can make your spine tingle. You`ll hear his heart and you`ll feel he knows your soul. He can be tender, joyous, or deeply moving. He can make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Sussholz is the real thing: his traditional Yiddish and Hassidic music comes direct from the source, and you can hear it. The brilliant, richly-textured musical arrangements bring vibrant new life to Yiddish/Hassidic classics. This is music that transcends categories; music lovers everywhere will hear its call - and respond. Yiddish really is for ever - and for everyone. Yiddish is Forever: the full 3-CD collection - 48 songs, more than 3 hours of great music.

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