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Yehoram Gaon

Kuando El Rei Nimrod
 Yehoram Gaon

Kuando El Rei Nimrod- Yehoram Gaon
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Some call him The Frank Sinatra of Israel Singer, actor and, now, an arts-promoting politician, Yehoram Gaon has won the hearts of Israeli music and theater lovers of all ages and backgrounds. He is probably best loved for his superb voice -- he moves from a soft, caressing croon to strong, dramatic passages with great ease and panache. Yehoram Gaon has won every conceivable music award available in Israel. His songs (too many to recount!) have become a permanent part of Israeli music history, engraved in the hearts of all those who grew to love them as part of the Israeli experience. Some of these songs include Od Lo Ahavti Di, Eretz Eretz Eretz, Ba Pardes L'ad Ha'Shoket, and Kol Ha'kavod.

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Gaon's talents were discovered in school and later put in the spotlight when he performed as a member of the Israeli Army Entertainment Unit, Lahakat Hanachal. After the army, Yehoram joined Israeli singing group The Roosters (Hatarnegolim), and later The Yarkon Bridge Trio (Shlishiyat Gesher Hayarkon), both of which have enjoyed huge popularity. Gaon also acted in the Chamber Theater, and later studied in New York at the famed Uta Hagen Drama Studio.

He was called back to Israel to act in the lead role in the stage production of Casablan, which became Israel's longest running hit musical. Since then, Gaon's career only continued soaring upward: He has recorded over 43 LP's, has directed and acted in several plays and films such as I Am A Jerusalemite and From Toledo to Jerusalem. He acted in famous Israeli films such as Siege, Casablan, and Menachem Golan's Operation Thunderbolt (recognized by many as being the definitive Raid on Entebbe movie) in the role of Jonathan Netanyahu. Gaon directed and acted in the Spanish Romancero together with former President Yitzhak Navon, and created quite a sensation with his portrayal of the lead male role in the play Children of A Lesser God co-starring Gila Almagor.

Gaon performs with an eight-piece band in a two-hour show that includes old and new songs in Hebrew, English and Ladino. His shows have taken him all over the world from New York's Carnegie Hall, to the Olympia in Paris to The White House. There, Gaon performed his touching song The Last War during the signing ceremony for the peace accords between Jordan and Israel and in the presence of President Clinton, King Hussein and the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Although Gaon performs all over the world, he has a special love for his native Jerusalem, and has recently become active in city politics where he holds the educational and cultural portfolio. He is vocal in the community, and says his dream is to one day become the mayor of his beloved Jerusalem.

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