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Jewish music permeates American culture. From Betty Boop cartoons to almost every big musical, the soul and rhythm of Jewish music, musicians and authors has added a special flavor to much of popular culture.

And yet, most young Jews have never heard the sweet sounds of Jewish music. The music our parents and grandparents loved is hidden in attics and garages across America; recorded only on fragile old records that can only be played with equipment most people no longer have.

Lately, Jewish music has experienced a wonderful revival highlighted by numerous Jewish Art Festivals. Many people now want to hear more Jewish music, but can't find much. Musicians want to know the source and learn from the masters, but the original sounds, the original words, their meaning and history lie in dusty boxes destined for the trash.

We need your help. Search your house for these forgotten treasures. Ask your friends, your local librarian, the rabbi, anyone you think might have old records of Jewish Folk Music or might know someone who does. Arrange for the records to be sent to us. If necessary, we will pick them up.

We will catalog them, clean them, digitize them, and make them available online at savethemusic.com - including words, transliteration and translation, music notation, historical context and biographies of the performers and authors, when possible.

It will take work, it will take money, it will take time, but it will be done.

Now is the time to get involved; with your help, we can create a new Golden Age of Jewish Folk Music.

As a record donor, you will receive an e-plaque, a certificate, suitable for framing, and full credit for your donation to Save the Music.

Please send your records to the address below:

Save The Music
5436 Harvest Run Dr.
San Diego, CA. 92130
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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call us at (619) 422-4401 or 1-877-368-7311.

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