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We Need Help

You can help us Save The Music in several ways:

Record Donations

What is Save the Music looking for?
We are looking for traditional Jewish music (i.e. klezmer, lullabies, etc) in any language or format and from any age. Our current holdings include songs in Yiddish, Ladino, Hebrew, English, French, Italian, Russian, and Polish, among others, but we are always looking for new material in different languages. Although we concentrate on the restoration and digitization of LP's, we are equipped to process any type of vinyl, cassette or digital media you might have.

We are also interested in any sheet music for these types of songs or any form of background material that may help us place these songs in an appropriate context.

What is Save the Music not looking for?
Because we are dedicated to saving the music, we try to concentrate our efforts on those forms of music that are most in need of saving. Thus, we will not accept donations of Modern Hebrew music and most forms of recently mass-produced Jewish music.

How do I donate?
To donate your records or material, contact the Zamler or Arekojedor in your area or contact us directly.
Call us toll-free at 1-877-368-7311 or contact us by email.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes! As a project of the Internet Development Fund, a California 501c3 non-profit, all donations to Save the Music are tax deductible. If requested, we will send you a receipt for the amount of your donation.

Become a Zamler or Arrekojedor

What is a Zamler?
is the Yiddish word for compiler; Arrekojedor is in Ladino. It means a person who gathers scattered things in order to form a collection. Usually, Zamlers make their collections pursuing a mission, passionately committed to their purpose. Therefore, to be a Zamler is considered an honor, according to Yiddish traditions.

Zamlers' work will be rewarded by the recognition you receive from your community, from Save the Music and from our visitors around the world. In recognition of your effort, your name and photo will have an honored place on SaveTheMusic.com.

What is a Zamler expected to do?
Save the Music's Zamlers serve as our lifeline to local communities, help us increase awareness of our mission and help us find records-whether they are in a grandmother's house, in an attic, or in a private collection.

A Zamler is not expected to fundraise, but Save The Music would appreciate being directed to people who are interested in making a monetary contribution.

Become a Sponsor

Save the Music has several areas available for personal or corporate sponsorship. Below is a partial list of areas in need of sponsorship. In return for your support, the designated area will be named in your honor or in honor of someone else of your choosing and you will receive a commemorative plaque.

To send your contribution online, click here.

Sponsorship areas
There are three types of sections available for sponsorship: Performer, Song and Theme. Each sponsored section will include up to 20 songs and extensive background content such as original, translated and transliterated lyrics, music sheets (where available), historical analysis, and performer information.


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