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Our Yiddish Music Hall is designed to serve and support all Yiddish Music enthusiasts, students and performers.

Our goal is to become a resource center for all those interested in the preservation, enjoyment and development of Yiddish music.

We hope that the events, biographies, songs, and history will provide our visitors with an enriching experience that excites their imagination.

We would like to help create larger audiences for Yiddish presentations everywhere. We would like to help all performers build up their audiences and we would like to become a source of inspiration for the creation of new music in this language.

For these purposes our site will include many different areas such as:

Worldwide calendar of Yiddish events:
To promote your event at no cost on this calendar, Click Here.

Worldwide directory of Yiddish performers, composers and authors:
To be listed, at no cost, Click Here.

Lider database:
Here you will be able to hear a significant segment of each song in as many different versions as we can find. When possible, we will also provide the following resources:

  • Lyrics in the original language,
  • Transliteration,
  • Translation to English and if possible, other languages requested by our visitors,
  • Sheet Music,
  • Historical notes,
  • Authors' biographical notes,
  • Composers' biographical notes,
  • Performers' biographical notes,
  • Visitors' comments.
To see and hear a sample of how songs will be displayed, Click Here.

The building of this site is an ongoing effort.
To sustain it, we have created a worldwide network of Zamlers to spread the word in their local communities and help us rescue old records and related books from the garages, attics or closets where they are hidden.

Thanks to these Zamlers we have already gathered hundreds of old records from such far-flung places as Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sidney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Paris. We know that thousands more are still waiting to be found.

To review in detail the Zamlers functions, Click Here.
To review the list of current Zamlers, Click Here.
To Become a Zamler, Click Here.

As funding enables us to, we will digitally re-master these records. The music will be categorized and incorporated into our online archive available to everyone, everywhere at any time.

To createThe Yiddish Music Hall we first had to develop the necessary infrastructure, software, systems, content areas organization and research, and grassroots support network. Now we are ready to grow. It's time to expand!

Save the Music shares the excitement and enthusiasm with which lovers of Yiddish language, culture and music are reclaiming their roots and their rightfully earned place in Jewish and world history and we are gratified by the joyful welcome our Yiddish Music Hall project has received.

There is still much to do, much to achieve and we need your help. This is a titanic endeavor, which will only be accomplished with the combined effort of many volunteers, donors, zamlers, sponsors and our advisory board.

Join us. The children of today and tomorrow will thank you for providing them with this Yiddish musical heritage.

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