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Rebeca Wave-John Sonquist

Rebecca Wave In the last six years of her 25-year singing and songwriting career, Rebecca Wave has begun exploring the rich heritage of Jewish song.

From singing folk songs on the front porch while her father played an old guitar, she progressed to years of piano and cello lessons, stage and choral singing and playing recorder on the roof. She found herself with guitar in hand at 23, singing songs that percolated up from the flood plains and tidepools of her life. After a long period of traveling the country with various cats, dogs and people, and working a stunning variety of day jobs, Rebecca has stayed in Santa Barbara long enough to raise two children and record three albums. Her style has been influenced by (almost) every genre: classical, pop, jazz, rock, folk, alternative, gospel, yiddish, blues, r&b, world music, techno… What has emerged is a direct, passionate voice with a lot to say about grief, joy, confusion, clarity, love and lust. Melodies as simple as a childhood dream or complex as an extended jazz riff deliver lyrics that cut to the heart.

Although no yiddish was spoken in her home, her childhood was full of music from many cultures and eras, awakening a lifelong love of music in all its forms.

John Sonquist John Sonquist
John Sonquist is a pianist, accompanist, arranger, and chamber music coach. He has many musical interests, including classical, folk, and jazz. He also plays guitar, 5-string banjo, and recorder. He has over 40 years of experience playing chamber music, and has attended and performed at countless workshops and recitals. He started playing piano at age four and studied with the noted Hungarian teacher Margit Varro. He has accompanied numerous singers, and received acclaim for his role as jazz-pianist-big-band-leader "Zoot" in Westmont College's 1995 production of the musical "A 1940's Radio Show".

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Zog Nit Keyn Mol
 Rebeca Wave-John Sonquist

Zog Nit Keyn Mol- Rebeca Wave-John Sonquist
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Buy Zog Nit Keyn Mol By: Rebeca Wave-John Sonquist Now!!

Buy Zog Nit Keyn Mol By: Rebeca Wave-John Sonquist Now!!

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