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  • New! launches a new project: The Yiddish Karaoke

    Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2008 launches a new project: The Yiddish Karaoke

    Welcome to SaveTheMusic’s Yiddish Karaoke

    1.- To learn the song in any of these languages (Yiddish, English, Español, François) click on the buttons bellow.

    In this area we will post over 7,000 Yiddish songs so new generations of listeners and performers can learn and enjoy them. Zog Nit Keynmol (The Hymn of the Partisans), is the first song of this ambitious project.

    2.- To see and listen to Zog nit Keynmol karaoke versions (under construction) click here

    3.- To visit the Zog nit Keynmol Collection Music Hall, click here

    4.- To further support the learning and playing of Yiddish music we will include multiple support areas for each song including the following:

    • Original lyrics in Yiddish;
    • Sheet Music;
    • Instrumental version for use as karaoke;
    • As many versions of each song as possible;
    • Translations;
    • Transliterations that allow new performers to properly pronounce each word;
    • Historical/musical context;
    • Notes about the composer;
    • Notes about the author;
    • Notes regarding each performer;
    • Links to available recordings;

    In every case we will strive to post the highest quality standard Yiddish version (YIVO Litvisher Yiddish) of each song’s lyrics to make sure all songs are up to par for today’s usage.

    Whenever possible, we will also provide translations AND transliterations of each song into as many languages as possible.

    Because Yiddish is striving to survive in its second millennium, we felt that the best song to start this collection is Zog Nit Keynmol - the hymn of the partisans and the hymn of all those who appreciate, understand and value their Jewish heritage.

    Since this is our first attempt to produce a comprehensive sing-along area for Yiddish songs, we would appreciate any feedback on site-design, content, user interface, functionality, and accuracy.

    If you can help us by providing translations and transliterations to languages such as French, Russian, Hebrew, etc. please let us know. We greatly appreciate your help in building this free web site.

    To send us your input and opinions please click here.

    To sponsor a song, a collection, or this site, click here

    To send us records, tapes, sheet music or books on Yiddish, Ladino and other Jewish languages please call us toll free at 858-414-3339 or click here.


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