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• Thanks to you we received 7500 hundred new Yiddish Records !STM-002  08-27-2001

This past month, Save The Music received the George and Helen Echt Collection and the Rimmer Collection. The Echt Collection contains a series of unique music books which will help us build up our resources and web site information. We want to express our sincere appreciation to Rona Levy for donating the Echt collection.

As you might remember, we were trying to save the Rimmer Collection which consisted of 150 boxes of records. Once the movers got to the basement where the boxes were kept, they found 295 boxes! Double the amount of records we expected. In these boxes, there are approximately 7000 records (78's and 33's), all NEW, never played before, records recorded in the first 70 years of the past century (and time keeps flying).

I would like to mention all those who made this a successful rescue operation starting with Mr. Gregorio Goldstein of Dorian's Tijuana, Albert Martson, Teodoro Constantiner, Jill Kobritz, Charlotte Angel, Isaac Cherem, Lucy Goldman, Bernardo Gress, Sammy Krumholtz, Peggy McConnell, Aaron Paley, and so many others who sent us their contributions.

We cannot forget all those who gave us their time to help us figure out the logistics of this campaign:

Hindi Diamant, Reyzl Kalifowitz, Fishl Kutner, Alexander London, Albert Martson, and Maya Wajsfeld.

For his help, I would like to recognize Luis Chanove of New Cal Freight. He managed to send packers and have them ship the boxes (some of which were falling apart from age) to San Diego without breaking a single record or damaging a single box. Fortunately, his workers were so careful that everything arrived intact. Of course, if you are moving
and would like to get his team to service you, call him at 800-442-7447, mention Save The Music, and get a special price.

The next step is to start opening the boxes and entering each song into the database that includes name and bio of the author, composer and performer, recording company, genre, songs' length, country of origin (when known), original format, date of recording (when available), and a few additional fields for internal control and web posting requirements.

If you think this is a lot of work, you are right. Especially if you add the fact that in another facility we will start cleaning the records, digitizing the music and making it ready for the site but, it has to be done, and we will make sure it is.

There are still so many more records waiting for us.
If you or someone you know have any Yiddish records, sheet music or music books please send them to us at

5436 Harvest Run Dr.
San Diego CA. 92130-4878-3263

Let's keep the music playing...

Thank you all for your support.
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