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• Flor Feldman Joins STM in San FranciscoSTM-009 • 04-03-2002

Flor Feldman, originally from Mexico City and now a teacher at UC Berkley is the new addition to our ever-growing network of Zamlers now extending to over 23 cities in 8 countries and 4 continents.

Continuing with her family's long commitment to Yiddish culture Flor will now help SaveTheMusic further expand our reach into the San Francisco - Berkley - Silicon Valley area where so many Jewish organizations and individuals are based. If you'd like to contact her to send your old Jewish Records or your financial contribution email her at

New corporate and Bar/ Bat Mitzveh Support for

In other news two unrelated children have selected as their Bar Mitzvah Project and a company, "the Bath Company," selected us as their non-profit of choice promising to send us a percentage of their yearly profits.

Multiple individual donations have been made to our InstrumentXchange™ area further helping us provide free instruments to children all over the country.

On their behalf and everybody else in SaveTheMusic we thank you all, and we stress our willingness to work with all of you on any school, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah or organizational projects.

New Links to Ukrainian, Russian, American and Israeli Organizations:

We have also created new personal links to important Jewish organizations such as The Sephardic Center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Center for Jewish Education in Kiev, Ukraine, The Institute for Yiddish Culture from Los Angeles, The Jewish Community Development Fund in New York.

In the New releases area we add to our Yiddish records from Uzbekistan and Tatarstan a new Yiddish-Russian CD's from Kiev (A. Medhuk), a Ladino-Hebrew recording of Sephardic Babylonian songs and pizmoneem by the Salman-Bassoun Family and, from Mexico a beautiful collection of Yiddish songs by Elisheva Edelson.

As you can see, your support, tax-deductible financial contributions and your records are making a real difference all over the world for Jewish Performers and Jewish music.

Help us spread the message; send this Press Release to your friends and family. We need to find and rescue as much Jewish music as possible. Only with your help, we will be able to do it.

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